Who are we?

Screen Door is a product of the Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation. TGNCDC is  a non-profit, non-denominational organization that works to improve the quality of life in the Shaw, Southwest Garden, and Tower Grove South neighborhoods by addressing community development related issues.  Our mission is to promote and improve the quality of life by attracting public and private investment and providing real estate and other community services. Our verification and screening service started over 15 years ago in the Tower Grove Neighborhoods, but has grown to meet the needs of surrounding communities in the City of Saint Louis, St. Louis County, Illinois, and beyond.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you find and keep good tenants so that:

  • you have a reliable income source
  • you reduce your risk of property destruction and costly evictions
  • your other tenants feel confident knowing that the people with whom they may be sharing spaces have been through the same screening process they have
  • area residents have considerate neighbors

We believe screening benefits everyone!

We work to send you as much verified, objective information as possible, so you can make an informed decision before signing a lease. With our program, you will receive:

  • a summary of the applicant’s credit report with information from all three major credit bureaus
  • national criminal background check including sex offender registry and terrorist watch lists
  • national eviction search including Alaska and Hawaii
  • employment and income verification
  • rental verification for the past five years, including skip tracing undisclosed addresses

How it Works

  1. Submit a Screening Agreement.
  2. Advertise and show your available rental units. Give any individuals you are interested in renting to a Prospective Tenant Checklist.
  1. Prospective Tenant submits an application. Learn about different ways potential tenants can submit an application here.
  1. Our staff will contact you when an application has been submitted. Allow 2- 5 business days for the screening process.
  1. Results and Follow Up: Once the screening process is complete, we will send you a recommendation and a copy of all of the application materials.We will recommend the application if:
    • no applicants have any felonies in the past ten years
    • no applicants have an eviction or negative landlord report in the past five years
    • the gross household monthly income is at least 3x the rent

    We understand that instances arise when you will not want to go with our recommendation for an applicant, which is why we do not accept or deny applications ourselves. We work to send you as much verified, objective information as possible, so you can make an informed decision before signing a lease.


Originally written with help of the Saint Louis City Attorneys, The Screen Door is a completely non-discriminatory, Fair Housing compliant tenant screening service, free of charge for any landlord looking to find and maintain good tenants. We have access to the most current and comprehensive national criminal records database, plus credit data from all three major credit bureaus.  In 2015, we helped 677 different property owners and managers screen potential tenants for over 4500 rental units in over 10 different counties across three states. Join them and sign up for The Screening Door Verification and Screening!

Dr Evelyn L Clark

/ Kansas City, MO

I have used Tower Grove Community formerly Grand Oak Hill CDC for over ten years for my tenant screenings. They've never steered me wrong on their recommendations for reliable tenants. Since I don't live in the St Louis area, I rely heavily on their guide. I've thoroughly enjoyed the classes for Landlords provided for us. Thank you guys so much for all that you do.

Chris Colizza

/ Mangrove Redevelopment

"Mangrove chooses TGNCDC to conduct our tenant screening because they are fast, professional, and wise. They have given us results we can trust time and time again"