1. How do I submit a screening application? There are several different ways to submit an application, view all of the different options here. Be aware that each application requires additional documentation to be submitted as well. The documentation has to be e-mailed, faxed, or turned in in person. Your application is not considered complete until the documentation is turned in.
  2. What additional documentation is required with the application? Each applicant must submit a copy of his/her Driver’s License and proof of income with his/her application. Proof of income is typically your two most recent paycheck stubs. If you are starting a new position, please submit an offer letter. If you are self-employed, please submit two years of tax returns.
  3. How much does the application cost? The application fee is $40 per person (18 years and older). We can accept money orders or credit/debit card payemnts. We cannot accept cash or personal checks.
  4. How much is the fee for a married couple? $80 total, $40 for each individual
  5. How long does the screening process take? Two to five business days.
  6. Can you speed up the processing time? The turn around is dependent on how quickly we can get in touch with your landlords and employers. Expressing urgency to your references typically helps speed up the processing time. After verifying your references, we will contact the property owner with a recommendation. The property owner will then contact you with his/her final decision.
  7. What would cause me to be denied from renting this apartment? Screen Door does not accept or deny applications, instead we make recommendations to the property owner. We will recommend the application if the application has no felonies in the past ten years, no evictions or negative landlord reports in the past five years, and if the household gross monthly income is at least three times the rent. Credit issues will not affect our recommendation to the landlord.
  8. What if I have a felony, eviction, or insufficient income? Your application will not be recommended by Screen Door. However, the property owner makes the final decision on accepting or denying applications. We recommend explaining any issues to the property owner before submitting an application and paying the fee. The property owner may ask you to complete the Screen Door Application knowing the application will not be recommended on our end.
  9. My income is less than 3x the rent, but I have a co-signer, does he/she need to be screened? We allow each property owner to decide if the co-signer needs to be screened. Please contact the owner of the property you are interested in renting and ask if they require co-signer screenings.
  10. What if I have no rental history? No rental history, means no negative landlord reports. We can still recommend your application, but the property owner may request an additional deposit or a co-signer.
  11. I have a co-signer, does he/she need to be screened? The decision to screen the co-signer is up to the property owner. You need to contact the owner and ask if he/she requires co-signer screenings. If so, the co-signer needs to follow all of the same application steps, including submitting the additional required documentation and paying the application fee.
  12. A lot of people seemed interested in this apartment, how do you process multiple applications for the same apartment? For a given unit, we process one application at a time on a first come, first served basis. If you want to be first in line, be sure to submit the application with the documentation and fee as quickly as possible.
  13. I viewed another apartment that also uses Screen Door, can you send my application to multiple property owners? Yes, your application is valid for 30 days. If you view other properties that use Screen Door during that time frame, we can forward the recommendation to the property owner without charging another application fee.
  14. Is my private information stored securely with Screen Door? Yes, we ensure your information is safely stored during the application process and properly discarded after your application is complete.
  15. Why do I need to be screened? The owner of the property requires that tenants in his/her property are screened before moving in. Screening also gives tenants confidence knowing that people the may be sharing spaces with have been through the same screening process.