To apply for tenancy at a ScreenDoor property, the landlord requires that you are screened. Each person, 18 or older, who will be living on the property must submit an application.

Applications are considered complete when each potential tenant submits the application, with the required documentation (ID and Proof of Income), and pays the application fee. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications for a specific unit are processed one at a time on a first come, first served basis.

You can apply online or using the paper application.


The online application is available here.

  • Pictures or copies of the Required Documentation may be uploaded to the application itself (preferred) You may also e-mail the information to info@thescreendoor.org, fax to 314-865-2540, submit in person during the business hours, or use the After Hours Locked Drop Box, located just outside our office door.
  • Application fee must be paid via credit card on the online application.


The Paper Application can submitted by e-mail to info@thescreendoor.org or in person during our business hours.

  • Pictures of theĀ Required Documentation may be e-mailed to info@thescreendoor.org, faxed to 314-865-2540, submitted in person during the business hours, or submitted in the After Hours Locked Drop Box.
  • Application fee may be paid with a money order or via credit card. Money orders may be submitted during business hours or in the After Hours Locked Drop Box. Credit Card payments can be submitted during business hours in our office or by calling 314-865-5530 ext 101


Our office is located at 4103 Shenandoah Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63110

We are open Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Our phone number is 314-865-5530. Our fax number is 314-865-2540. We can be reached by e-mail at info@thescreendoor.org

Questions about the application? View a list of FAQ